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The Power of Presence

Many religious teachings advocate the lessons, and even the blessings, that can come from adversity. So it was that, in the shadow of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Summer Games, I experienced an epiphany. Somewhere in Olympic Park, between passing Andy Murray near the tennis venue and walking into the gymnastics venue for the women’s team final, my iPhone was, shall we say, “separated” from me. Whether this was an act of mischief or an act of negligence remains unknown, though since Murray was the last person I spotted when my iPhone was still in my possession, he is at least a person of interest.

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Bob Latham is a partner at the law firm Jackson Walker, L.L.P., and an International Rugby Board member. A compilation of his best columns titled “Winners & Losers: Rants, Riffs and Reflections on the World of Sports,” is available in the Media Zone.

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