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Remembering Jack Kelly

It was mid-January 1997. The first issue of SportsTravel had been published just a few weeks earlier. I was in New York to attend the Sports Summit conference and had just arrived at the host hotel, the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Shortly after checking in, I was in the hotel’s gift shop when a cherubic man in a business suit approached me.

“Are you Tim Schneider?” asked the man. The man was Jack Kelly, who quickly introduced himself as a fan of my newly launched magazine. In fact, he said, he liked the first issue so much that he had written me a letter telling me so. For me, it would have been difficult not to like Jack right from the start. His enthusiasm for sports and sporting events was contagious and continued undiminished until he passed away on July 24.

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  1. Alex Querna says:

    I just got done reading your Publisher’s Post and was saddened to learn of the passing of Jack Kelly. I remember Jack from a number of sports industry conferences and events. He was definitely one of the good guys that you remember. It’s really a shame. I appreciate your article as I actually hadn’t heard of his passing until now.

    Sounds like you have some good stuff going on. I like the mention of Chris Waddell. I remember meeting Chris when I worked for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake back in 2002. Definitely a charismatic guy.

    I hope you and the team are doing well. Wishing you all the best.

    Alex Querna
    Sports & Entertainment Event Director / Producer

    • Tim Schneider says:

      Thanks, Alex! Always good to hear from a TEAMS Conference alum. I wanted to put in another plug for the organization that Jack’s wife, Kathy, and his children have designated for contributions in Jack’s memory:

      Just as Jack was an innovator, the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation has developed a revolutionary noninvasive radiowave cancer treatment but they need contributions to take it through to human trials. Some have called it the world’s most promising cancer treatment. For further information, visit

  2. Greg Harney says:


    Nice tribute to Jack. Was at his services last month and it was a fantastic celebration of his life.

    Now the question is what to do with all of his memorabilia!

    All the best,

    Greg Harney
    Cartan Tours and Global Sports Partners

    • Tim Schneider says:

      Thanks for the kind note, Greg! Jack and I often discussed his amazing collection of Olympic and sports memorabilia. We even tossed around the idea of our company publishing a pricing guide based on his immense collection.

      Another one of Jack’s ideas was that if everyone in the sports industry were to clean their closets of the unused sports-related t-shirts they’d accumulated and contribute them to clothing drives, there would probably be enough t-shirts to clothe everyone who needs one. Classic Jack!

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